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Company Milestone

2003:Founded,with name“Dongguan Sino-1 Electrical Contacts Alloy Co.,Ltd”,produce the silver contact, electrical assembly parts.

2004:With introduction of advanced technology from Japan,Realize stamping+contact+riveting+inspection integration, Improve the efficiency and quality.
           Get approval from BSI,Obtained ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate

2005:Plant is removed to Dalang Town, start to research and sell silver and copper composited strip.

2006:Obtained the title“Dongguan Private Science And Technology Enterprises” &”Guangdong Private Science And Technology Enterprise”

2007:Purchased the advanced welding system from Germany, Japan,Switzerland, realize stamping+contact+welding+inspection integration.

2008:Obtained the title“Dongguan Patent Cultivated Enterprise” Self-independent research and develop the onlay equipment,and into MP.Shorten the LT on composited strip, and improve the utilization of material, reduce the cost.

2009:Obtained the title“New high-tech enterprise in Guangdong”,and No.1 award on Dongguan science and technological progress Self-independent innovation: combine the auto-welding with no boundless forming,improve the utilization of material and reduce the cost.

2010:Obtained the award“Dongguan Patent Pioneer Enterprise”

2011:Obtained the approval“Dongguan IPO back-up enterprise”,the second award on Dongguan science and technological progress.

2012:Obtained ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality certificate and ISO-9001:2008.

2013:Obtained the award"Torch planning" high-tech enterprise.

2014:Obtained the title"Leading and Cultivated enterprise".

2015 The third time passed the national high-tech enterprise audit,Approved by intellectual property.

2016 Approved by intellectual property.

2017 Successful cooperation with Taiwan listed company.

2018 Obtained IATF16949-2016 Quality certificate,The fourth time approved by national high-tech enterprises..

2019 Southeast Asia Branch Official Operation.

2020 Obtained ISO14000 Environment Certificate and Join United Nations Global Compact.

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