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Silver Alloy Wire/Strip

Pure silver, fine crystalline silver, silver-nickel, silver-copper, silver-cadmium oxide, silver-zinc oxide, silver-tin oxide, silver-SnO2-In2O3 etc.

Wire: diameter 0.6~6.0mm;
Strip: T:0.05~2.0mm, W:2.0~60.0mm;

1. Wire and strips are made through a sintering and extrusion process with a density up to 99.9% and the second component in the silver base is a fiber shape, which greatly increases the mechanical strength of the wire and improves the capabilities of resistance against melting-welding, electrical arc resistance, and erosion of material.
2. Applying a chemical coating, co-precipitation method and pre-oxidation process, wire with good performance can be made from material with refined grains, even organizational structure, segregation-free microcosmic structure and eliminated oxide-deficiency region.

Low resistance and temperature rising and high melting-welding resistance make these wires and strips the best materials for each kind of electric contact and current conduction element; the alloy proportion can be increased or decreased properly according to demands.

20 ton/month

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