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Clad material: fine silver、silver nickel、silver copper、silver cadmium oxide、silver zinc oxide、silver tin oxide、silver-SnO2-In2O3etc.
Base material: copper、copper-nickel etc; gold、silver、nickel plated and so on are available;

Rivet type: for riveting, applicable to continuous automated production of riveting processes;
Button type: for welding, applicable to continuous automated production of welding processes;
Specification: wire diameter: 0.6~4.0mm;
Silver layer thickness: 0.15mm~2.0mm;head diameter: 0.6~10mm.

Rivet type: commonly used in traditional switches、breakers、3C electronics, such as switches、time relays、telecom relays and small appliances, etc;
Button type: typically used in thermostat breaking to make or break according different temperatures、such as many kinds of switches、thermostat、protectors、circuit breakers, etc;

Low resistance and cost、simple process、widely application;

50 million pcs/ month

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