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Cladding strip&Finished parts

Clad material: gold、gold silver alloys、fine silver、silver nickel、silver copper、 silver cadmium oxide、 silver tin oxide, etc;
Base material: fine silver、 silver alloy、copper、 brass、 phosphor copper、beryllium copper、zinc-nickel-copper alloy、 nickel、 iron、 stainless steel、 Monel, etc.;

Clad material: thickness: 0.01~1.0mm;
Base material: thickness: 0.05~3.5mm;
Inlay、double-lay、overlay、tri-layer、onlay、clad strip + stamping;

Clad strip is typically applied in conducting elements such as wall switches、protectors、thermostats、micro-motor brushes、micro-switches, etc.
Tri-layer stamping contacts are typically applied in relays、micro-switches、thermostats、circuit breakers、protectors, and so on.

The main feature of clad strips is that they produce excellent comprehensive performance (such as compositing better than electroplating, stable bonding, and having no layers) and save a lot of precious metals by organically combining unique electrical and chemical properties of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium) with good mechanical properties of copper alloys and so on.
The clad strip bonded with dissimilar material overcomes some disadvantages of single metal to develop the individual advantages of different metals, presenting good comprehensive performance, such as high bonding strength, good electrical/thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, shock absorption, abrasive resistance, and special characteristics specific to clad strips, etc. Besides, they also have other advantages such as simple process without traditional riveting or welding process, low temperature rise, excellent performance, and an integrated structure design.
The welding surface of tri-layer contacts utilizes materials such as Monel、CuNi、Ni、Fe and so on, to improve welding performance. Welding positions are bonded by melting metal, which has advantages such as less heating time, clean working environment, easy to locate and good welding appearance. With Cu as the transitional material, low contact resistance and strong electrical performance can be realized.

Clad strips: about 30 tons/month;
Tri-layer stamping contacts: about 40 million pcs/month

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