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Clad material: Fine silver、silver nickel alloy(AgNi)、silver copper alloy(AgCu) 、silver cadmium oxide(AgCdO) 、silver tin oxide(AgSnO2), etc.;
Base material: Fine copper、brass、phosphor copper、beryllium copper(BeCu) 、
zinc-nickel-copper alloy、nickel(Ni) 、iron(Fe) 、stainless steel、 Monel, etc.;

Clad material: thickness 0.06~1.0mm;
Base material: thickness 0.08~3.5mm;
Double-side welding and multi-bar welding; Can be customized.

Based on our patented equipments and production technology , our continuous automatic roll-welding process is able to perform the continuous welding-bond clad between different metals ,which replaces the hot-bond clad process at a shorter time, reduced labor, raw material and cost;

Onlay strip stamping parts are widely applied in low-voltage electrical components, such as relays、contactors、 circuit breakers、leakage protectors and various switches, etc.;

Up to 15 tons/month.

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