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Auto Stamping+Welding parts

Terminal/Spring: copper、brass、 phosphor copper、 beryllium copper、
white copper、nickel、 iron、 stainless steel、 Monel、 etc.;
Contacts: fine silver、silver nickel、 silver copper、silver cadmium oxide、silver tin oxide、gold silver alloy; self-made or imported wire;

1. Stamping + button type contacts welding + inspection;
2. Stamping + tri-layer clad strip welding + inspection;
3. Stamping + (round/square) wire (single/double sides) welding + inspection.

Many kinds of electrical and electronic products、 small household appliances、
wires and cables、 switches and sockets、 protectors、circuit breakers、 thermostats, etc;

1. In order to prevent the defects caused by manual spot welding, such as missing welds、incomplete welding、and low capacity, we imported automated special welding equipments that is able to perform auto-localization and inspection at high speed with precision and stable quality which in turn also lowers cost that is past on to our customers.
2. The automated welding machines, combined with the many advantages of a forming machine, such as scrap minimization will maximize the utilization of material and thus reduce cost;

30 million pcs / month;

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