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Powder Metallurgical Contact

Silver tungsten、silver tungsten carbide、silver nickel、silver graphite、silver metal oxide and so on;

Round、square、rectangle、diamond, and other dimensions can be customized.
Head diameter: ¢2.0mm~25.0mm
Rectangle tips: L:3.0mm~25.0mm;W:3.0mm~20.0mm.
Thickness of tips: 0.5mm~3.0mm

Silver tungsten series: Used in many kind of circuit breakers, heavy-load AC/DC contactor, and so on;
Silver tungsten carbide series: Used in switch devices with high current loads and normally used together with silver nickel or silver tungsten carbide;
Silver nickel series: Used in AC/DC relays, contactors, optical-control switches, thermostats and timer switches etc;
Silver graphite series: Used in over-load switches and normally used together with silver nickel;
Silver metal oxide series: Used in high/medium current relays, contactors, medium/low current low voltage circuit breakers, power over-load switches,earth leakage breakers, and so on;

The advantage of powder metallurgy contact is mainly dependent on the average size of the powder, its density and purity. Using professional closed-pipeline-type powder mixing equipment, we can get a very pure and uniform grain powder. With our own compound technology, the performance of powder metallurgy contacts can be maximized by adding appropriate rare earth elements. This will allow our powder metallurgy contact to have the best anti-welding properties, lowest arc erosion and better hardness than that of regular contacts.

10 million pcs/ month;

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