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Powder metallurgy material properties
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At present in the process of preparation of contact material, powder metallurgy method has been paid more and more attention. It has become the main manufacturing process of contact material. This method can be used to produce silver, copper, silver tungsten carbide, silver tungsten carbide graphite, silver nickel, silver nickel graphite, Yin Shimo, silver metal oxide and other series of contacts. Its products have the following characteristics:

The composition and quality of the products made by powder metallurgy method are easy to control and ensure the consistency of the performance of the products. By using the advanced technology such as chemical coating method, co precipitation method, atomization method, mechanical alloying and other advanced technology, it can be used to improve the microstructure and improve the performance of contact products.

The AGC contact products by sintering extrusion process, the density of up to 99.9% yuan, at the same time, second groups of graphite shape of fiber distribution in silver matrix, fiber direction perpendicular or parallel to the contact surface of the product, so that the physical and mechanical properties of materials is greatly improved, and the product is more excellent welding resistance, arc erosion and low and stable contact resistance and electrical properties.

Silver tungsten, silver tungsten carbide, copper tungsten and other products of different sizes of raw materials, adding nickel, cobalt and other trace elements, the use of pre sintering, activated sintering technology, improve the product density, so as to improve the electrical properties of the contact material.


The silver graphite series mainly used for protective switch, such as miniature circuit breaker, leakage protection switch or motor protection switch, contact pair used silver nickel or copper.

The silver tungsten series: mainly used for a variety of circuit breaker, MCCB, heavy load AC and DC contactor and other electrical switch.

Silver tungsten carbide, silver tungsten carbide graphite series: mainly used for high current load switching devices, such as circuit breakers, leakage switch. In many cases, it is used with silver nickel or silver tungsten carbide.

The copper tungsten series: widely used in high voltage circuit breaker.

The silver nickel series: widely used in AC and DC contactor, relay, command switch, light control switch, temperature controller and washing machine timer etc..

The silver metal oxide series: mainly used in large capacity relay, contactor, small capacity of low-voltage circuit breaker, AC / DC switch, power switch protection, leakage protection switch, automotive and electrical appliances.

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