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Composite strength criterion (15159-2008/ GB/T):

This appendix A.1 is suitable for the detection of surface composite and mosaic composite clad and substrate firmness

A.2 complex layer and matrix bonding test

A.2.1 sample preparation

According to the standard set of the number of samples, in the finished product along the rolling direction of arbitrary cutting width is greater than 4mm of the strip specimen, made of

Test sample.

A.2.2 sample device

The test device can effectively clamp one end of the specimen, the other end can make a 90 DEG bending, bending radius R = 2T (t thickness)

A.2.3 test method

Firmness test method as shown in A.1.


A.2.4 principle

The composite material has been changed from the back and forth to the curve, which is the opposite of the direction of the composite material, which makes it be layered, and if it is not layered, it is strong enough.

A.2.5 determination

After 4 bending, the sample was examined by 7 fold magnifying glass, and the two layers of the joint surface had no openings, otherwise it was unqualified.

A.3 composite strip edge and matrix of the composite strip

A.3.1 sample preparation

According to the standard set of the number of samples, from the end of the product in the rolling direction of arbitrary cut width is greater than 4mm of the strip specimen, made of specimen.

A.3.2 test device

Same A.2.2

A.3.3 test method

The firmness test method is shown in figure A.2 and figure A.3.


A.3.4 principle

The composite material is subjected to bending, which is the opposite of the direction of the composite material, which is to be layered, and if not, it is firm enough.

A.3.5 determination

The specimen is bent at 90 degrees, and the edge of the complex is not qualified with the matrix.

A.3.6 instrument and equipment

Test device can be made according to the above diagram.

Technological evolution:

The surface material from the original silver, silver nickel, adding silver cadmium oxide, silver tin oxide;

The mosaic method of the surface material is embedded in the original full back cover, and the increase of the surface material is embedded in the local;

The base material is made of copper, copper or iron;

Composite machining process by thermal composite improvement for rolling welding.

This series of changes, not only can greatly improve the material and its components, and can reduce the use of rare precious metals silver in the use of performance, ease the majority of users purchase difficult high cost, while improving the domestic metal composite technology, and promote the development of electric and electronic products and other temperature control industry, for the country to create a clear social and economic benefits.

Competitive advantage:

Silver metal oxide / copper / Iron & Nickel (AgMeO/Cu/Fe&Ni) three composite strip:

(1) technology advantage: the project based on the company's processing and production technology, the use of high temperature solid phase composite rolling production process, under the protection of the metal recrystallization temperature, the rolling deformation of different metal rolling composite, with independent core technology, now can produce three layers of metal composite strip manufacturers, in the domestic leading position;

(2) product performance advantages: the project products with silver metal oxide (AgMeO) instead of the traditional silver metal oxide (AgCdO), a collection of silver metal oxide excellent electrical properties, oxidation resistance and copper good physical properties, mechanical properties, as well as iron excellent welding performance, forming a superior comprehensive performance (Electrical contact performance and mechanical properties). Guilin Electrical Science Research Institute, the technical indicators have reached the company design requirements, excellent performance, and comply with the EU RoHS directive and China's "electronic waste pollution prevention and control management approach" and other requirements, and the production process will not produce the impact on the environment of waste gas, waste water and waste residue, environmental indicators are in line with the requirements of environmental protection departments;

(3) industry level lead: project products silver metal oxide / copper / Iron & Nickel (AgMeO/Cu/Fe&Ni), in 2008 successfully obtained national patent, patent number 200610123759.4] [ZL, and to break the foreign counterparts in the production of technical monopoly situation, solve the problem of high cost, long cycle, and filling the domestic blank.



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