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Mini-profile Contact Tape

Clad material: gold、gold silver alloys、fine silver、silver nickel、silver copper、 silver cadmium oxide、silver tin oxide, etc;
Intermediate material: fine silver、silver nickel、copper、brass、zinc-nickel-copper alloy, etc;
Base material: nickel、iron、stainless steel、Monel, etc;

Triangles、trapezoids, or other specials can be ordered according to customer's requirements.

These strips are typically applied in electronics、information、 communications and the military industry、such as telecommunication relays、micro switches、buttons、 thermostats、circuit breakers、connectors, etc, which require high stability.

It has comprehensive characteristics which cannot be found in a single metal;
It can save precious metals;
It can meet the demands of automatic production;
Based on high bonding strength between layers, good surface finish, high stability and consistency of size, it can improve the electrical life and reliability.

About 5 tons/month;

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